Our Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Partner 

Climate Action have partnered with a local Ukrainian charitable foundation called Humanitarian Initiatives based in Lviv, to transport and deliver priority aid on trucks that are funded by our corporate sponsors and donors, from the UK to their logistics hub in Lviv. Humanitarian Initiatives then ensure that all donated aid is distributed as quickly and effectively as possible on the ground, to those recipients in cities and regions right across Ukraine who need it most. 

Since the start of the Russian full-scale military invasion in Ukraine, Humanitarian Initiatives primary goal, has been to meet the urgent needs of recipients and to provide direct targeted assistance to three target groups :

  • city, regional and children hospitals in the areas affected by war
  • representatives of the Voluntary formations of territorial communities
  • internally displaced Ukrainian refugees who have suffered or are wounded

Urgent Priority Aid required

 Food, baby food, medicine, medical devices, surgical items, tourniquets, clothes (t-shirts, underwear & socks)

How aid is being distributed in Ukraine and in what timeframes

The main focus of the Foundation’s efforts is aimed at minimizing the time between receiving aid and delivering it out to the target recipients.

Humanitarian Initiatives apply the principle of direct targeting:

Official orders and requests are fulfilled in 3 ways:

– Existing supplies at the warehouse

– Procurement from local or international suppliers

– Finding partners who can donate or procure items from the direct order

An inventory register is continually maintained and used to clearly understand which items are priority aid to quickly address the needs of hospitals and refugees’ centres.

Turnaround of the priority items such as food, medicine, and hygiene products is normally between 2-5 days with less prioritized items being around 4-8 days.

 A few words from Volodymyr, a volunteer from Humanitarian Initiatives

“For us, volunteers of the Charitable Foundation Humanitarian Initiatives, the term ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ is not a meaningless phrase. Helping people that have suffered from the horrible atrocities of the war unleashed against Ukraine by the Russian regime, is a testimony to the highest human values of devotion, mercy, sacrifice and the ability to change the world for the better. These values, along with the cohesion around common goals and feeling the sense of support, is what unites us with our partners such as Climate Action, whose help and devotion are very notable and tangible to the many many people in the cities that have suffered from the war across Ukraine”.  

Priority regions and cities where aid is being distributed :

  • Kyiv
  • Kharkiv
  • Chernigiv
  • Sumy
  • Dnipro
  • Odesa
  • Mykolaiv
  • Vinnytsia
  • Brovary
  • Irpin
  • Pryluky
  • Bila Tserkva
  • Ozerne
  • Druzhkivka
  • Starokonstiantynivka

Photo by EC-JRC (ECHO)/ CC BY


Priority hospitals where aid is being distributed :

  • Heart Institute of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kyiv Ukraine
  • City hospital in Kharkiv
  • Kharkiv region clinical hospital
  • Sumy region clinical hospital
  • City hospital in Pryluky
  • City hospital in Chernigiv
  • City hospital in Starokonstiantynivka
  • Children’s hospital in Vinnytsia
  • Mechnikova Dnipro region clinical hospital
  • Yuriya Lypy Lviv region hospital of veterans and repressed citizens
  • Lviv Military Hospital
  • Odesa Military Hospital
  • Kyiv region cardiological dispensary
  • Centre of primary medical aid in Pivdenne, Kharkiv region

Major International and local Donors include:

  • Climate Action, United Kingdom
  • MedTech, Denmark
  • Vogt Medical, Carlsruhe, Germany
  • Koeltransport Aalsameer B.V., Bemmel, Netherlands
  • Theological seminary of the Holy Spirit of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
  • Foundation of Culture of Spiritual Frontier, Lublin, Poland
  • City Hall of Katowice and Lublin, Poland
  • BioFarma SP, Poznan, Poland
  • Rawplug S.A., Wroclaw, Poland

Ukrainian Partners:

  • Epicenter
  • TM “Rodynna Kovbaska” (LTD Barkom)
  • Milk farm from Prykarpattia “MUKKO”
  • PJSC Lvivoblenergo
  • Farmacy “Zi”
  • PO “Free people of Volyn”
  • Charitable foundation “Dolonky-UA”

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